Escape the Vape - Quit Smoking the Juul

Escape the Vape - Quit Smoking the Juul

Quit Juuling - Habit Tracker
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Are you ready to quit juuling? Ain't no motivation quite like saving money and, of course, your life! Kick the addiction, improve your health, and spare your wallet (cha-ching!). This app tracks the number of days your lungs are smoke-free and how much money you have saved so you can put those dollars toward something better! New shoes, perhaps? Your degree? Extra guac?

This simple app works for anyone who has (and is eager to stop using) a pod-based e-cigarette vape, such as:

+ myBlu
+ SMOK Nord
+ UWELL Caliburn
+ Suorin Edge

It's time to escape the in?

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