LiquidPlayer Pro  - music,equalizer,mp3,radio,3D

LiquidPlayer Pro - music,equalizer,mp3,radio,3D

listen, tune in,record, visualize, chromecast :Liquidplayer your 3D music player
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LiquidPlayer ™is a Music Player with powerful equalizer, Material skins, Chromecast-enabled, radio streams, 3D realtime visuals and much more ...

<b>★ Minimalist Design ★</b>

Stylish, <b>Material Ready</b>
Guided by the new Android Design, Adjusted to match the overall <b>Material</b> style.
We looked at every possible detail to ensure the best looking , yet efficient music player.
No More "Images" : Almost every Button, gradient, background and image is <b>dynamically generated</b> at run-time. You get the <b>best pixel quality</b> for your device !.

<b>★ Powerful Sound effects ★</b>

adjust your audio quality with our own crafted equalizer, bass and treble effect, as well as our hall and reverb ones.
mix your mp3 and couple it with our DVC <b>dynamic volume control</b>

<b>★ Real-time Visuals ★</b>

Your device is a <b>beast</b>, why not take advantage of it?
LiquidPlayer dynamically <b>analyses</b> the music for you, detects onsets, and generates skillfully trimmed <b>3D visuals.</b>

Our beat detection system is based on the most advanced music analysis algorithm.
3D visuals are based on the latest OpenGL techniques : we do the <b> shaders, the transitions, the effects,</b> you lay down and relax.
When combined with <b>dynamic textures</b> (each cover generates different visual), we guaranty you a lot of fun.
coupled with a <b>Chromecast</b> device, turn your TV to a real dance floor.

<b>★ Enjoy Radios from all over the world ★</b>

tunein to <b>50k+ live Radios</b> categorized for you.
Our Live stream Buffering system ensure you high quality radios with <b>no hops.</b> On top of that our <b>DRC (dynamic reconnect system)</b> will reconnect automatically in case of network failure. Just <b>enjoy</b> your mix.

Ok, what if you want to<b> save </b>that mix?.
you got it ,we already thought of it. You can record your live music on the fly, just press that button .

And what about <b> Tagging </b>?
LiquidPlayer automatically Tags your songs, downloads the appropriate Cover art, and let you save the proper <b> Lyric </b> as well as the Artist information in your <b> preferred language .</b>*

<b>★ Info ★</b>

• Support the Most Popular Music File Formats : mp3 , wav , pcm , aac , aac+ , aac64 , ogg , ...
• Chromecast-enabled
• Mixing Mode with customisable mixing time
• Automatic volume control
• Auto Tagging
• Lyrics and Artist information fetcher
• Bass / Treble Effects
• 5 bands Equalizer and 10 Presets
• Support Reverberation Effect
• Plays and records Live streams
• Real time 3D Visuals with beautiful transitions
• Headset controls
• Multi language support **
• Sleep Mode
• 32 bit and 64 bit support
• Widget Support
• and much more

<b> Discover the ultimate Chromecast-enabled music and radio player for you android device </b>

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