AppLock - Fingerprint & Password, Gallery Locker

AppLock - Fingerprint & Password, Gallery Locker

🛡️ App Lock:Lock Apps,Hide Photos & Videos,Message Security,no more snoopers 👮
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<b> AppLock is a light app protector tool to protect your privacy in mobile apps. </b>

<b>☀️——Highlights of AppLock——☀️</b>
🔒 <b>AppLock can lock Social apps:</b> Facebook, Whatsapp, Messenger, Instagram, Tumblr, WeChat and so on. No one can peep 👀 at your private chat any more;
🔒 <b>AppLock can lock System apps: </b>Gallery, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Settings, incoming calls and any app you choose. Prevent unauthorized access and guard privacy;
🔒 <b>AppLock has multiple lock options: </b>PIN Lock、Pattern Lock and Fingerprint Lock. choose your favorite style to lock apps .
🔒 <b>AppLock has photo vault.</b> Keep safe gallery and hide your photos, videos without worrying about others see
🔒 <b>AppLock support screen lock.</b> Prevent strangers from using your phone without your permission.
🔒 <b>AppLock has rich themes:</b>We have built-in sets of beautiful Pattern and PIN themes for your choice, will continue to update.

<b>Tips:</b>If you have a phone with a fingerprint reader that is either made by Samsung or is running Android Marshmallow, you can check the box in the App Lock settings labeled "Use fingerprint to unlock"

👮 <b>Real-Time Protection
Monitor the new installation and app updating, real-time remind avoiding potential risks, keeping your devices safe.

🚀 <b>Photo vault</b>
Easily encrypt and hide photos & videos

👁 <b>Intruder Selfie</b>
Capture any intruder of your phone. Snaps photos of intruders who enters the wrong lockscreen.

📪 <b>Message Security</b>
Hiding notifications preview timely to protect your privacy. It gathers all chat notifications into one and makes them easier to read & manage.

ℹ️ <b>Notification Cleaner</b>
One-click cleaning of spam push notifications, No annoying notifications anymore.

🛡️ <b>Safe Lockscreen</b>
AppLock secure your phone from intruders with PIN and pattern lock security.

🌈 <b>Live Theme</b>
Live Theme features to make unlocking apps even more fun! We will regularly launch the new Live Themes.

<b>Privacy Browser</b>
The incognito mode and block trackers can ensure you private browsing.

<b> ——More Features—— </b>
* Lock application to prevent others are free to buy, uninstall applications!
* Lock setting to prevent misuse of the phone to change the system settings!
* Pattern Lock: simple and fresh interface, unlock faster!
* PIN lock: random keyboard. Much safer for you to lock apps
* Fingerprint Lock: Operation is more convenient and faster(The premise is that your phone hardware supports fingerprint unlocking)
* Lock screen timeout
* Lock 3G, 4G data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and more
* Lock new apps
* Uninstallation Prevention
* Set Lock Time to only activate lock at certain time
* Easy-to-use and user friendly GUI

<b>——How it Works——</b>
■ Download and install the Transparent Pattern Lock.
■ Go in setting and enable the lock.
■ Set your pattern.
■ To unlock draw your pattern and you open the lock and see you home screen.

1. How to set my password at the first time?
🔔 Open AppLock -> Draw a pattern -> Confirm pattern;(or Open AppLock -> Enter PIN code -> Confirm PIN code)
Note: For android 5.0+, allow Applock to use usage access permission -> Find AppLock -> Allow usage access

2. How to change my password?
🔔 Open AppLock -> Settings -> Reset password -> Enter new password -> Reenter password

3. What should I do if I forget the AppLock Lite password?
🔔 Click “Forget Password” -> Enter Luck Number -> Enter new password -> Reenter password

<b> Contact US:</b> [email protected]</b>

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